3 Pics You Should Have On Your Dating App

Don’t get too creative with these or you’ll end up scaring away any potential flings. A picture nowadays says more than a 1000 words because we are deciding to date someone solely on their photo taking skills. It’s unfortunate if you’re not able to capture your best physical characteristics within a few pictures, but the least you can do is try.

1. Selfie:

It’s all about being up close and personal with this one. No not weird angles with so many filters that you’re debating if the picture was professionally photoshopped or someone could look this edited in person.

Be realistic with the selfies, it’s important to give the potential match some close-up action of what you’re all about. Whether you’re flashing your million dollar smile or doing a smolder kissy face, whatever you find the most flattering.

By now everyone should have their signature face that they make when taking selfies so make sure it’s appropriate and maybe even ask your closest friends for some feedback on the pics you want to upload.

2. Full Body:

This one is justifiable because selfie’s only say so much and usually alter someone’s physical appearance, especially when it’s angled down. There’s nothing wrong with being straightforward and embracing whatever size you are.

If someone is going to judge you on your body type solely, then you don’t want to be dating them anyways. Keep in mind it is unfair to keep your match in the dark of what body type you have, creating an awkward first encounter if they pictured something else.

Not saying you should be posting nudes or scandalous mirror pics but make sure you include a full body picture of you doing something you like. Also, make sure that it is as current as possible because we all wish we had the slim body we once hated freshman year in high school so refrain from posting any more throwbacks.

3. Group Pic:

Even though it’s discouraged to include multiple group pictures, I think it’s good to have at least one. You should show off your friends because it’s important that you do indeed have friends and you’re social enough to be out and about doing things with other people. It’s a relief knowing that the person you may end up dating has a close knit friend group that.

Secondly, it’s an easy way to do group dates if you have mutually attractive friends that could get along as well. There’s nothing more fun than double dates with your best friends so intimate that by including pictures of your dearest friends. Be sure not to confuse your matches with who you actually are if you post your best pictures with the same person every time.

There’s nothing more disappointing than thinking you paired with a dime only to find out it’s actually the creature in the back of every single picture.

Make sure to be upfront with all of your pictures from the beginning, embrace your imperfections and flaws because chances are someone will end up seeing the beauty in them!

Here’s a video about pictures you should have on your dating app!