Wind Surfing Product Reviews

SS Series Waist Harness
Windsurfing Magazine
Waist harnesses are the choice of most high-performance Hawaiian wave sailors, but does that mean the waist harness is for you? With new harnesses like Windsurfing Hawaiis SS Series coming out, the answer is a resounding yes! The key feature of the SS Series Waist Harness is a customizable thermoplastic back support that inserts in the harness. Although the harness is super-comfortable right out of thebox, you can make it fit even better by heating the plastic support plate in. the oven and molding it to your back to further improve the fit, support and load dispersion. But thats not its only killer feature. This harness feels great against your bare skin. The neoprene belt with elastic support keeps the harness in place and the giant spreader buckle is easy to deal with and seems bombproof.

Windsurfing Magazine

Feetbelt GT Series
Windsurfing Magazine
The latest in contoured foot straps are the new Feetbelt straps. Like many of the others, the end attachments are angled so the strap doesn’t crush your foot. Big comfort difference. But the really cool thing about these straps is the simplicity with which they adjust. Simply rip open the two overlapping Velcro flaps, give a yank and the strap is smaller. Release the flap tension and it’s larger. No more deformed neoprene or endless opening and closings trying to get just the right fit. The ends keep their shape from a thin, light-but-strong layer of plastic that’s molded at an angle. As a nice touch, there’s an added layer of tough coated nylon underneath the attachment area to keep the holes from tearing out. At only $17 a piece, there’s not a more comfortable strap around.

Windsurfing Magazine

Feetbelt GT Series
Wind Tracks Magazine
Have you ever had trouble putting your footstraps on your board? Have you ever heard the footstrap screw cross threading in the insert (kind like nails on a blackboard) just because you can’t bend the strap enough to get the screw straight? How about while you are sailing? You know, that great feeling of geing fully wound and doing the starfish because you can’t get your back foot into that silly strap that’s lying flat on the deck. No more. It’s time to get over it and move into the 90’s with the new Windsurfing Hawaii Feetbelt GT Series Pre-shaped footstraps. Using a unique new pre-shaped design and construction the Davies boys have created a strap that eliminates collapse and facilitates the installation process by staying pre-bent to the correct position. This strap is then covered with a full wrap of 8mm neoprene to give a plush ride and so away with any potentially bothersome exposed parts. The strap retains its shape no matter who is stomping around on it and any adjustments are super easy with the external adjustment system.
Bottom Line: If you like minimum hassle and maximum comfort you have to check these out

Bob Camp, Wind Tracks

Feetbelt GT Series
Windsurfing Magazine
Some people say life is all about making connections. Connections with family, connections with friends, connections with your inner self, the cosmos, the earth, the force, the yin, the yang. Me, I just want to make a really good connection to my board. The new Windsurfing Hawaii Feetbelts GT let me do that. They’re easy to adjust to a good fit, as they have the Velcro adjuster strips on the outside, and they’re comfortable. Their unique feature, however, is that they’re pre-shaped. That is, they come from the factory with the curve built into them. This makes them easier to install that conventional straps and helps keep them from collapsing when I step on them. It also seems that the pre-shaped ends make the padding hug closer to the deck on each side of my foot a bit more snugly than usual. I like that. It makes me feel really connected.

Ken Winner, Windsurfing Magazine

Hard Ones Harness Lines
Windsurfing Magazine
Who cares what kind of rope is inside the plastic tubing on harness lines? Who cares what kind of tubing is around the rope? You do. Windsurfing Hawaii is the first company to use Spectra line inside their new Hard Ones harness lines. Spectra, commonly used in high-end water-ski ropes, is not only stronger than regular nylon line, but also lighter and has virtually zero stretch. In addition, the tubing on these lines is more flexible than most, so your harness hook won’t slide around as much. The design of the boom attachment prevents the lines from swinging around when you’re trying to hook in. Cinch them up tight and they’ll stay right where you put them. Hard Ones come in fixed lengths of 16, 18, 20, and 22 inches (25 and 28 too.), or adjustable lengths of 16in-19in or 18in-22in”(21-25 and 24-29 too).

Windsurfing Magazine

Windsurfing Hawaii Safety Pack
Windsurfing Magazine
The Windsurfing Hawaii Hawaii Safety Pack is a product that’s not only long overdue, but for serious ocean windsurfers or big-lake sailors, it’s essential. The Safety Pack is equipped with 20 feet of 1/8-inch line and a marine whistle (hopefully on an approved marine-band whistle frequency) and room for a cell phone, GPS, EPERB, small water bottle, food, etc. (For $67, you can get one equipped with a Coast Guard-approved emergency strobe and EZ rig tool.) The cool thing about this pack is that it attaches to any harness, not just Windsurfing Hawaii harnesses (although it works especially well on them). It clips on or off quickly and easily and snugs up tight to your harness, so it isn’t flopping around like a fish in a net.

Windsurfing Magazine

Windsurfing Hawaii Makai Boom
Windsurfing Magazine May 2002
When Windsurfing Hawaii unveiled their new aluminum Makai 11/8″ diameter boom for just 169 bucks, everyone was surprised that such a strong, feature-laden boom could cost so little. Then, imagine the surprise when Scott Freeman from the Gorge Surf House called to congratulate the company on making the first boom with a head that could be used on both regular and skinny masts without a boom shim. Huh? the folks who designed it had finally figured out a way to easily accommodate any diameter mast by making the front end with dual hinged doors. Brilliant! If you’re contemplating the switch to skinny masts in the future, but you need a new boom right now, this is a great option. Or if you own both skinny and regular masts and are just plain tired of fiddling with those mast shims, try the Makai. Check out the $169 Aluminum Makai or Carbon versions at

Windsurfing Magazine-May 2002

3 Signs You’re Ready To Make A Dating Profile

If you’re seriously considering entering the dating app world, make sure that you’ve prepared yourself for what all is to come with that download. People go through many different emotions when making one whether they go on a dating frenzy and end up meeting up with everyone they match with or regularly deactivate the app because it’s too much to handle.

Regardless of your reasoning when making one, it’s important to be ready for everything that these apps can have to offer to your love life without shutting it down because you’re not willing to take it on.

1. Ready To Be Open Minded:

Dating people is all about being open minded and throwing away any checklist or expectations you have out the window. Love won’t always have a fairytale ending, but if you go into each date and experience with an open heart, you might be surprised at how great people can be.

People come from all walks of life and put themselves out there on this sight to be accepted and loved not judged. It’s hard not to make rash assumptions and cut people off with just a few basic facts you know about them, but you wouldn’t want someone doing the same to you.

Take it for what it’s worth and give everyone a fair shot at impressing you, you’re not perfect either.

2. No Strings Attached:

The relationship life is no more, and you’re single to the point of sincerely putting yourself out there. Make sure you leave all of your crazy dating rendezvous’ in the past, so you’re not dragging anyone into all of your drama.

There’s nothing more frustrating trying to start fresh with someone who is all tied up in their past lovers with no intention of pursuing you further. Don’t treat these apps like a quick rebound place where you use people who are looking for a genuine connection just because you forgot how to date.

There is a time and a place to have casual hookups, depending on the app you decide to download, but for the most part, you should be going into this experience with no strings attached so you can give someone a fair chance at winning your heart.

3. Want To Be A Social Butterfly:

It’s all about putting yourself out there in the most positive light and meeting as many people as you can to narrow down the type of partner you want to end up with. If going out and meeting people in person isn’t cutting it for you anymore then it’s time you work your magic over your phone.

Dating app conversations can easily lead to social media platforms, texting, and even facetime if you’re feeling bold. Even if something doesn’t instantly happen relationship wise, you are at least practicing your social skills in hopes you gain more confidence each time.

Using a dating app as the main source of your love life requires a lot of attention and detail when trying to get to know someone through messages. It’s important to be creative with your words, so they don’t run dry, and your matches will actually want to meet up with you in person.

Check out the video below for more signs you should start a dating app profile!  Or check out the app to get started dating now.