Feetbelt GT

The first choice in comfort, durability, and adjustment eeaaaaaaaase! Take the test at your local Windsurfing Hawaii Dealer!

This is the best strap you will ever use, guaranteed!

MSRP $17.00 each

  • Unique sewen-in PRE-SHAPED design eliminates bootstrap collapse and makes installation a breeze
  • External adjustability that is quick, simple, and super tough
  • Adjustment strap with hook tab to prevent the strap from peeling open
  • New three-hole pattern to accommodate all insert patterns
  • Full wrap-around 8mm Neoprene cover provides unsurpassed comport

Base Extensions

Standard extensions start at 2″ minimum extension. IE: 8″ extension will adjust mast length from 2-10″

Base Extensions

New EZ adjusts collar; absolute length markings, and Streamlined Quick 6 downhaul pulley.

The Quick 6 offers a 6:1 mechanical advantage, no threading of downhaul line, and perpendicular alignment to eliminate crossed line friction.

2″/5cm Extension
MSRP $45.00
8″/20cm Extension
MSRP $49.00 line
16″/40cm Extension
MSRP $55.00

RDM Gold

Features custom X-trusion aluminum for strength, 7″ collar/pin adjustment system, and Streamlined Ouick 6 downhaul pully. Up to 20% lighter than the other aluminum bases out there.

The polished gold look and adjustment markings make this a must-have for the skinny owner.


One-Handed Collar
EZ adjustable design makes rigging quick; overlapping shim design guarantees complete collar closure and security; retrofits on all American standard bases (WH, Streamlined & Chinook).

MSRP $12.00

  • Mach V HD Metal
  • (18″-25″/45cm-62.5cm)
  • Mach V HD Plastic
  • (18″-25″/45cm-62.5cm)


TLS System

TLS System – (Thermoplastic Lumbar Support) Incredible “pressure point” free sailing is achieved by utilizing a heat-molded lumbar support plate that can be custom formed to your body.

Featured in both the SS and Low Rider SS harnesses.

SS Waist Harness

A soft thermo-molded foam shell houses the TLS system and offers a snug, comfortable fit.

Unique neoprene belt prevents “riding up”, and a 2″ “monster-lock” buckle gives you unbreakable security and easy operation. Includes stainless steel spreader bar, and gripper webbing.

SS Low Rider Waist Harness

The SS Lowrider Waist features the same innovative TLS support system as the original SS but with a dramatic reduction in outline shape to fit the special curves and waistline of the smaller sailors out there.

GSX Seat Harness

Adjustable hook height provides great usability for racing and recreational sailing. Adjustable lumbar straps for fine-tuning of the rear pad.

A contoured seat section and padded leg straps provide unequaled comfort. Includes stainless steel spreader bar, and gripper webbing.

Safety Pack

Can be strapped on the outside of any brand of harness to give you cargo capacity for tools, keys, etc.

Quick-release tether system allows e-z access in the water without taking your harness off! includes 20′ of line, marine whistle.

Safety strobe and E-Z rig tools are optional.

Harness Lines

Fixed Hard Ones

Designed to sit on the boom with a very little swing for easy hook in. Reinforced hook & loop closure fits all boom grips.

All harness line lengths are measured off of 1 1/4″ boom arms.

MSRP $25.00

  • 16″/40cm lines
  • 18″/45cm line
  • 20″/50cm lines
  • 22″/55cm line
  • 25″/62.5cm lines

Adjustable Hard Ones

Designed to sit on the boom with a very little swing for easy hook in. The adjustable lines feature a 1″ heavy-duty Superlock buckle for easy and durable adjustment on the water.

MSRP $36.00

16″-19″/40cm-47.5cm lines
18″-22″/45cm-55cm line
21″-25″/50cm-62.5cm lines

Mach V Heavy Duty

The line that was made specifically for the new Formula boards and rigs! The Mach V HD has a huge 7″ of adjustment -the most on the market.

Great for Course/Slalom racing, and rig sharing. Available with Chromed cam buckle or Plastic super-Ioc buckle.

MSRP $40.00

Mach V HD Metal
Mach V HD Plastic