About the Author

What’s up everyone! My name is Claire and I am wind surfer and boy am I obsessed with it. I know you’re probably looking at the my picture and expecting me to be all young but I actually didn’t start wind surfing until about a year and a half ago when I tried it out in Hawaii. When in Hawaii, am I right?! I was on a vacation with my husband and kids and we decided to go wind surfing because that was one of the things that we’ve never tried out before. It took a couple tries to get used to but once I had it down there was no stopping me! It came to me so naturally compared to my husband which is always a good feeling lol wind surfing was one of the many things that I brought back home with me. I have always been athletic and into sports my entire life because I grew up with 3 brother so everything in the household was competitive. Through my blogs, you will hear me talk more about how amazing it is, tips, tricks, and general information about wind surfing.