Reasons to be a Total Cougar

I’ve always heard that women should date older men. I don’t know why people perpetuate this idea, perhaps because it’s maintained that women mature faster than men. But as someone who has dated plenty of older men, there are certainly some downsides to dating older.
For one, I found that my older partners felt that they always knew better than me. Sure, it’s nice to have someone looking out for your best interest but after a while I grew tired of having everything mansplained to me. Having them order for me at restaurants was particularly infuriating. But when it came down to it, it was annoying to have a partner who always thought their opinion or plan of action was superior to mine.
I’ve also heard stories of younger women being manipulated by older, more experienced men. I imagine that you can see how dating up for women might be a little problematic.
After my misadventures with countless older men, I decided to try something a little different: being a total cougar.
Whether you’re 21 or 41 you’re more than capable of living a cougar-esc lifestyle. So, ladies, here are a few reasons you should be a stone-cold cougar.
1. Independence and Respect

One of the reasons dating younger women appeals to older men is that they have someone to take care of ñ and in some cases by “take care of” I mean “control”.

Being the older one in a relationship or arrangement allows your younger, male partner to see you as strong and independent. In his eyes, you’re not some damsel in distress in need of a big strong man.

You might even find that your younger partner will look to you for advice, which is certainly refreshing after dating older, arrogant men. You might find yourself finally being taken seriously.

2. You’ll feel worshiped

When you’re in a relationship with a younger guy, you’ll find that he might do nothing short of worship you. You very well might appear out of your guy’s league just because you’re a year or two ñ or twelve ñ older. Because you might very well be out of his league, he will probably end up working a little harder to keep you (both in and out of the bedroom).

3. You’re not the trophy, he is
If you have experience dating older men like I do, you know what it’s like to be a trophy. Sure, that sounds great to begin with, until you start to just feel like an accessory. It might be nice being his arm candy for a little while, but I’m sure you’ll grow pretty tired of it as well.
When you’re a cougar, however, you’re not the trophy. He is. He will treat you like a goddess, while you get away with showing him off a little. It’s important to be genuine in your relationship, and not treat this guy like an object, but every once in a while it feels nice not to be the one being ogled at.

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