Steps to Find a Surfer Girl Fuck Buddy


You never log onto sex chat sites expecting to talk to anyone twice, let alone findĀ a fuck buddy.

But that’s exactly what I got from my latest sex chat endeavor.

I usually try a different website each time I want to sex chat because there’s always a different number of online people, new people, and different features and categories on every site. But the last site I used, and the one where I found my fuck buddy, was Chat Avenue.

My luck wasn’t so good the past few days of conversating on different sex chat sites, and I decided to give this one a try because of how long it’s been running (since 1999!) and because it’s a site that is known to always have people online.

There are a few different categories of chat rooms available, but I decided to go with the straight-forward 18+ Adult Chat room.

One of the great things about Chat Avenue, besides it being totally free, is that it’s easy to private chat with anyone in the room.

But before that happened, I decided to watch the chat for a bit. I didn’t send any messages yet or chose to private chat with someone until I saw one particular message.

She was a member, which I knew because she had a profile picture set. It was a photo of a tan girl with dark hair and beautiful green eyes. She sent a message into the chat saying something along the lines of her gender, the age range of a man she was looking to talk to, and to PC (private chat) her for more.

I was intrigued.

I opened up a new private message tab with her and simply said hello; I didn’t want to come off too strongly or scare her away by immediately bringing up sex. I asked how her day is going, which she really seemed to like, and what she was looking to get into. She told me and things slowly started getting dirtier by the minute.

Afterward, I decided to ask some more questions to get to know her a bit. I enjoyed our dirty talk so much that I wanted to I assured her I wasn’t a creep that was going to go look for her and stalk her, and even offered to share where I was from first.

She accepted my offer and I told her where I was from. To my surprise, she said she was from the same city, too.

She trusted me enough to talk a bit more about her living there, like how long she has, what her favorite food spots are, and hidden gems even I didn’t know about – and I’ve lived in this city my whole life.

I wanted to see if I could make the impossible to happen, though – meeting up in real life. I chose to take my flirting skills to the test and ask if she enjoyed our sex chat as much as I did (which she did confess to), and ever wanted to take it from online to real life, she could hit me up.

I left her with my Snapchat username (a pro-tip I learned since girls don’t usually want to give out their numbers) and said goodbye. I think that was key in getting this to happen because girls hate when guys pester them and borderline beg to fuck them in person. I figured I didn’t need to do all that since we had such a good sex chat, even though I really did want to meet her and fuck her.

A couple of days later, just before I gave up hope, I get a notification from a new friend adding me on Snapchat. I didn’t recognize the username, but her bitmoji seemed very familiar and it hit me – it was her; the girl I met on Chat Avenue. I quickly added her and she messaged me soon enough. She said she had been thinking about our conversation and my offer, and that she wanted to set up a day to fuck&59; the next thing she said shocked me.

She said that if I proved to be as good as I was in the chat, that she would love to be my fuck buddy.

Best believe I gave it my all when we finally met up.